Meet Mandi

Being a twin implies two of a kind, yet Mandi never had trouble separating herself from her twin brother, or the crowd. Mandi started acting when she was six years old, auditioning and booking the lead in her second grade musical “Under the Sea.” She continued to book ever challenging roles throughout highschool. Mandi’s early performances include the leads in both “The King and I” and “Little Shop of Horrors.”

Mandi continued to pursue her dreams, studying film and television at Boston University. There she starred in a myriad of television and film projects.  Mandi also wrote and directed her own short films, as well as wrote her first feature length script entitled “Life of Song.”

Mandi moved to Los Angeles and has since embraced every opportunity, taking her career higher and higher. Mandi has studied under Katt Shea and Marcie Smolin at the Actor’s Circle, but currently studies with Will Wallace Acting Studio. Mandi has also studied under J.D. Walsh at The Ultimate Improv.  She has furthered her ambitions, embracing the role of both writer and producer under her company M Square Productions.

Mandi knows her time is precious.  Her victory over cancer gave her the confidence and strength to achieve anything.  If you don’t do things for yourself, nothing gets done.

“Hard work makes it all worthwhile. But so does happiness and love.”